You weren’t born in Texas so I feel like 2 is a respectable amount of embossed bibles to own for the proportion of your upbringing spent in the Lone Star State.

I saw Boyhood today and it is honestly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It made me so homesick and nostalgic. I mean, any movie about a kid growing up in my home state is obviously going to make me feel things, but this one also had Oregon Trail and parents reading Harry Potter books to their kids, ok? 

As a lot of you know, I recently moved across the US from a very conservative part of the country to a very liberal one. I’m very glad to be living somewhere else, but I’m still so proud of being a Texan. That pride hit me hard in the theater today when I was watching this movie. 

Two moments in the film got BIG laughs from everyone in the audience and caused me to have “wait, everyone doesn’t do that?” moments. The first was when the kids said the pledge to the Texas flag and the second was when the main character was given a Bible with his name embossed on the cover. 

As someone who said the pledge to the Texas flag every day of my K-12 education and owns no less than 4 embossed Bibles, it was such a strange experience to hear people around me laugh at things that were so integral to my childhood. 

I’ve spent most of the last 3 years trying to run from all the things about my religious, conservative, rural Texas upbringing that I forgot that experiencing those things can instill you with a sense of pride.

Like a brother or sister, I can make fun of Texas, but you most definitely cannot. 

Jenna Maroney’s “Mickey Rourke” References

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"before I know it, I’m gonna wake up and be 23 and my life’s gonna be behind me."
"you know that I’m 25, right?"

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I want to be the one who knows the best way to love you

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It’s ok, 2007 Este and Alana Haim get emotional listening to Silver Lining too.

It’s ok, 2007 Este and Alana Haim get emotional listening to Silver Lining too.


The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

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iloveyouandilikeyou said: what is it like to have a job where you don't cry every day out of frustration?

It’s pretty great but not as great as having a job that pays you enough to live in the city you live in. Let me know how feels to be able to afford where you live.

angrynaps said: question: how do I become a real adult??? secondly, tell us about life in the swamp/DC

So being a Real Adult is strange. Especially because I’m not really one yet. I wear a suit to work every day but eat poptarts and drink cheap wine every day so you be the judge. 

DC is amazing. And SO. FUCKING. HOT. I mean seriously. It is so hot here. Texas is hot but at home if you sweat, it evaporates and you get cooler. Here, when  you sweat (which you always do, all the time), it just lingers on you and drenches you in a bath of your own bodily fluids.